What’s this 80s Single?!?

When I saw this assignment I knew I wanted to do it right away. In high school I took a Graphic Design class and I knew I could use some knowledge from that to create a simplistic but meaningful design of an 80s single.

To find the correct 80s single to design I quickly googled top 80s singles. The one I picked was one that I listened to throughout my childhood. Also, I wanted to make sure it was easy enough to depict from one single image.

After I picked the song I searched up images on google so I could trace an image on Photo Image Editor Pixelstyle. What I did was put the google image on one layer in Photo Image Editor Pixelstyle and then started drawing and tracing on the layer on top of the image. This is so I can quickly sketch the design so I can get the basic shapes. After that I started to add color and texture. The color and texture is what helped me add my unique take on the design. Overall, I throughly enjoyed this Design Assignment and hope you all enjoy my design!

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