Weekly Summary

The three daily creates I did this week were nice, quick, and creative activities that got my mind warmed up for the assignments. See the links below.

Daily Create #1: https://twitter.com/2019Ds106/status/1182114307389063168

Daily Create #2: https://twitter.com/2019Ds106/status/1182341017791545345

Daily Create #3: https://twitter.com/2019Ds106/status/1182672053486391296

Next, I began collaborating with my Radio Show group. I created my Radio Show Bumper which was also my first Audio Assignment. We have all decided which topics will be discussing in the Radio Show. I have began researching my topic which is 80s Fashion Trends for Men. I talked about this a little within my Radio Show Progress post.

Radio Show Progress: http://grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/radio-show-progress/

Also, I did three different audio assignments. Two of them related to my radio show by being either a bumper or commercial. The other assignment was related to the 80s theme.

Audio Assignment #1: http://grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/radio-show-bumper/

Audio Assignment #2: http://grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/what-a-song-might-mean-to-you/

Audio Assignment #3: http://grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/ds106-radio-commercial/

Lastly, I commented on Abby Cassell Radio Logo post. I throughly enjoyed the design of her logo. Also, I commented on Fun Billboard by Hinoiri. I think billboard art can be incredibly cool and inspiring and deserves more credit.


Radio Show Progress

This week our group have decided all the topics we are going to discuss in our Radio Show. Also, we have all created our Bumpers and Commercials.

My topic is 80s Fashion Trends for Men. I did some research into this topic so I can talk about it and possibly relate it today’s fashion trends for men. I found this website https://www.menshealth.com.au/80s-fashion-trends-for-men. I will be using these 10 best 80s fashion trends in my discussion.


DS106 Radio Commercial

I created a radio commercial about a new portable copy and paste tool. I related this invention to Molly Ringwald on the Breakfast Club. I created a voice memo of both my voice and background music. Then I combined them into GarageBand. I hope you enjoy this commercial!

#AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments1118

What A Song Might Mean To You

For this assignment I found a youtube video of It’s Your Wedding Day from The Wedding Singer and then I did a voice memo about my experience and memories of this song. This musical takes place in the 80s and brings back the music and fashion. I combined the very beginning and end of the song into my voice memo by using GarageBand. I hope you enjoy the song just as much as I do!

#AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments1923

Radio Show Bumper

This a short radio show bumper I created for my groups project. I recorded myself talking by voice memo and an 80s beat through youtube by voice memo. I combined both of these voice memos into GarageBand, then uploaded onto SoundCloud.

#radioshowpromo #AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments36

Weekly Summary

The three daily creates I did this week were nice, quick, and creative activities that got my mind warmed up for the assignments. See the links below.

Daily Create #1: https://twitter.com/2019Ds106/status/1179542603999649793

Daily Create #2: https://twitter.com/2019Ds106/status/1179948460914675717

Daily Create #3: https://twitter.com/2019Ds106/status/1180125716563800065

Next, I did design thoughts on Brain Pickings article about Kidd and his book. I talked a lot about how design is everywhere you look. You may not realize it but most everything you see, use, or touch was designed. Also, I talked about how design is not always easy it comes with its challenges along the way.

Next, I did four different design assignments. I was able to relate two of the assignments to the 80s theme by using 80s slang words and movies. The other two assignments were also fun I particularly enjoyed creating the body image book cover.

Design Assignment #1: http://grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/visualizing-jams/

Design Assignment #2: http://grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/80s-bumper-sticker/

Design Assignment #3: http://grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/motivational-poster/

Design Assignment #4: http://grace-weaver.com/uncategorized/body-image-book-cover/

Lastly, I did the DesignBlitz by looking at various book and movie cover designs. I found covers that represent typography, color, minimalism/use of space, and dominance. Also, I commented on One Story, Four Icons by @IezziHannah.


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Typography #designblitz

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This first design I found is typography. It visualizes the title of the book within the design of the head. However, the words are still black and not colored, they are in a unique font and format.

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Color #designblitz

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The second design I found is color. This design only uses the colors blue, white, and black. The dominant color blue helps to visualize and create a mood of the book.

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Minimalism/Use of Space #designblitz

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The third design I found was shape. This book uses one simplistic shape of a cube. It uses up space on the front cover very wisely.

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Dominance #designblitz

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The last design I found was dominance. The dominant feature are the two characters front and center. The audience focus on them first. However, there is still background to have more detail of story.